2018…We Are Women, Hear Us ROAR!!

I need to take advantage of this, since we are coming off the brinks of a night where women came together in an amazing display of solidarity for those who don’t have a voice. So many things to be said….where shall I start?

First, let’s talk about this, let’s question the unanswerable…why are women so difficult?! Okay, I know this is a post celebrating women, but seriously. It’s great to see so many powerful women come together to support such an amazing cause, but I just wish it happened a little more frequently. For some reason I can not explain, we seem to have an innate mindset of competition among one another. Okay, so maybe I can explain it…it may or may not have something to do with how society makes us feel like we need to be skinnier than her, or smarter than her, or more eloquent than her. Seriously, why though?! Why can’t we all just root for one another to succeed and still want ourselves to succeed as well?! It’s so fucking annoying to live in a world where we are compared to each other on a daily basis, please reference every fucking fashion magazine with the “Who Wore It Best”  column on their back page. Who really gives a fuck about who wore it best?! Don’t we have more pressing matters in the world, like IDK reproductive rights or equal pay or REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS…to worry about than whether Mariah looked better than JLO in that bejeweled corset…also, we all know JLO out ranks everyone, even Beyonce…yeah I said it. 

Here’s the thing that bothers me though…we women tear each other down constantly, and then we get mad when men do it. Yeah, I said that too. Like, we need to look in the mirror, we need to be better if we expect better. I need you to notice my repeat use of the word WE, because I am guilty of this, and so are you Karen…get off your fucking high horse. In 2018, I want to see ALL 75 of your selfies, because people generally post selfies when they’re feeling FLY AF, and I want you to feel that way. I wanna see all 98 posts of you at the gym and your healthy meals, because that means you’re working on becoming the best version of yourself. Show me all 173946 posts of your kids eating, or playing, or pooping, or whatever you want because that means that they’re happy and healthy and enjoying life. Let’s not tear each other down talking smack behind each others back, do people still say smack, because that’s still one of my favorite words…let’s embrace any positive moves that were making and continue encouraging one another.

Okay, now that I’ve kindda called that out….now I’m talking to you…yes YOU…the men of the world.

2018 is ours, let us have it you’ve had the last two thousand and seventeen years for the love of God. Now, just because women of the world are trying to bring certain struggles that they have faced to light, doesn’t mean we don’t care about you IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU. Just like Black Live Matters isn’t trying to say that no one else matters, that movement is just trying to bring to light the injustices that blacks encounter on a day to day. The annual 10K or 5k or whatever K I don’t know I’ve never fucking done one in support of breast cancer, isn’t saying that no other cancer matters, it’s just shedding light and trying to support that particular cause…y’all see where I am going with this? It’s not enough that you allow us the platform to discuss the issues that women have to face daily, you have to support it too, because if you don’t you’re part of the problem. Stop…stop laughing, stop making jokes, and stop trying to make it seem like it’s “not really a big deal” because that’s not cool. Just admit it men, you have it easier…maybe not always, but definitely like 95% of the time. Recognize that, and maybe put yourself in our shoes. Wonder what it would be like if when you were trying to do your job, people asked if you were “in a bad mood because you’re on the rag”.

Which brings me to my next point…and this is for the men and women who get uncomfortable talking about this subject…

– Short Human Anatomy Lesson –

Every 28 days or so, the inner lining of a woman’s uterus begins to shed, this is to remind us that we have not had the pleasure ::insert eye roll:: of bearing children, as if a Hispanic family isn’t enough of a reminder as it is. During that time, women are going through a few things, that you my man, will never be able to understand. This isn’t a taboo subject, nor should it be, it’s just fucking science. So why do people feel so uncomfortable talking about it?! Also, just for the record, that whole “how do you trust something that bleeds for seven days and doesn’t die” joke got old like 973 years ago…please stop reusing it. 

I digress, the point is that we are living in an amazing time. Okay, not amazing in the sense that it sucks that some of these things are still an issue, but amazing in the sense that so many women are coming together to speak up about it and let their voices be heard. We have an obligation, to our future generations to create a world where they feel safe and comfortable, regardless of whether they got a P or a V.

Now, as for last night, it was great to see so many celebrities, of all races, coming together to support this cause. I’ve seen a lot of negative posts when it comes to this and I don’t really know how to react. See sometimes I feel people are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Just because they’re celebrities doesn’t mean they haven’t faced these issues themselves, and even if they haven’t who cares?! I mean really. I’m not black, but I support the BLM movement, I’m not gay although with the quality of men out there I’m really considering it….but I still support the LGBTQ community. The point is they have a platform, and their using it for something good, something that may one day make a difference. This was a moment to come together, not pick each other apart…and if you don’t get it yet…one work FUCKING OPRAH….okay that was two words…but fucking Oprah man…I don’t give a fuck what anyone has to say….

Oprah 1

And because I can’t think of a better way to end this post…I’ll just let her do it herself….

Oprah 2


2 thoughts on “2018…We Are Women, Hear Us ROAR!!

  1. Ely says:

    This is perfect my friend. Perfect for this awful drive to Broward and just perfect overall. You I’m obnoxiously passive aggressive lol and so I was bitchy about the whole oh let’s wear black because if we don’t wear black we don’t support women thing and that bothered me because I don’t follow directions very well especially when I feel pressured. But I agree with every single word you wrote here and sorry I’m late but your shit doesn’t pop up on my feed like I have to go looking for it! lol so I just subscribed so I can get it in my email!! You need to write more!! lol even though work and school and life right?! Xoxo!!!


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